Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Skol Vikings

If anyone knows David and Curt, then you know that they are die hard Vikings fans! No matter their season record, they remain loyal fans! Thus, this is the reason that I became a Vikings fan by marriage and the reason we traveled 900 and something miles to Minneapolis. We started tailgating at 8 in the morning and ate some brats while playing football and ladderball. We headed to the game just before noon ready to see the Vikes beat the tar out of the Colts. Unfortunately, that didn't happen. This portion of our trip was bittersweet. Sweet because the boys got to see their beloved team in their beloved hometown. Bitter because the Vikings lost to the Colts. The only person happy about this was Tami. She's from Indiana and a Colts/Manning fan.
Rewind to a month before our trip...Tami and I overheard David and Curt talking about what they were going to wear to the game. They were whispering about different things and we heard the word SPEEDO. That's when we began to get scared. So for the past month we have been trying to figure out what they were going to wear to the game. Then one day, I saw a charge on our bank account for a costume shop. I thought, "What the heck would they get from a costume shop?" And this was my answer...

PAINT! Apparently, they bought a giant vat of purple paint. I kept looking at David and thinking, "He is SO purple! Is this my husband? Yes, he's my husband, but he's so PURPLE and HILARIOUS!" Don't you love the beard and eyebrows???

This is the only full body shot I have of both David and Curt. I'm disappointed that I didn't get one of them together. I think I was overwhelmed by all the purple! Everybody wanted to take their picture with them. They kept saying they felt like rock stars.

This picture was taken right after I saw David for the first time. They didn't unveil their costume until midway through tailgating. They went to a nearby building where they painted themselves and then came strolling through the parking lot. Yes, this is my husband. Isn't he funny?

Tami is due a month after me. We called her baby, Arnold (Willis and Arnold...get it?) until we found out she was having a girl. Now we call her baby, Arnoldette. We have competing bellies. Obviously, I win!

Pete and Tyler joined us for the game. It was Tyler's first time to see the Vikings. Unfortunately, it wasn't a win, but everyone still had fun!

David, Curt, Tami and I enjoying the game.


The Johnstons said...

oh my, what else can you say?!? :) that is a lot of purple!!

Melissa said...

OMG! That's all I can say.

JudyD said...

I think they must be the Purple People Eaters! Yuck!

JudyD said...
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