Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Mall Mania and Sliders

Our agenda for Saturday included a trip to the Mall of America and White Castles. First off, we traveled to the largest mall ever imagineable. I had always heard about this place, but I had no idea it truly was a gigantic as people said. In the middle of the mall is an amusement park. For real....an amusement park with roller coaster rides! Curt, David, the Krussows and Curt's family all enjoyed rides while Tami and I stood to the side and took pictures. Everyone had a blast and I have to admit that I was a little jealous that Willis and I couldn't go on a couple of the rides. But, it was fun to watch everyone having a good time.

Team Coleman loves to watch Sponge Bob so we couldn't resist taking a picture in front of his house! And yes, that is inside the mall!

I believe the Mall of America now sits where the Twins used to play baseball. This represents home plate. David thinks this is cool because he loves the Twins. I could be completely wrong about this being where the Twins played. So if you want to know the story behind it, you're going to have to ask David about it. :)
After that, we strolled around the mall in search of Vikings gear. Since we were in town to watch the Vikings vs. Colts game, we were all in need of team apparel....except for Tami. She's an Indiana fan and that didn't make David and Curt very happy. We only hit the sports stores because Tami and I didn't feel like waddling all around the mall. We both had swollen feet from the long drive up to Minnesota so walking didn't seem so fun at the time. So, I left the mall with only a Vikings t-shirt in my hands. I know...I can't believe it either! I went to the mecca of all malls and bought a t-shirt...for a football team! Crazy.

Next stop...White Castle! If you're a "yankee" or I guess the proper term would be "Midwesterner," then you know White Castle very well. Because my parents are "yankees," I grew up having these tasty treats every time I went to Chicago. These treats, sometimes called "Sliders," are square little burgers that you can just pop in your mouth. Because of their size, you can eat a TON of them. And that is EXACTLY what we did! This later became the highlight of our trip!

You can't eat just 1! And no, I didn't eat all of that myself....don't let my figure fool you! David, Curt and I shared 20. I only had 4, the boys ate the rest. DELICIOUS!!

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