Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Round 3

Today, David had his third knee surgery, and hopefully, his last! In Round 3 of David vs. his knee, I predict David to be the winner. We went in about 7am and they quickly ushered David back for surgery prep. I joined him shortly after where I got to check out his nice shaven leg with a big "YES" on it. We joked about this a little, but I'm sure back in David's mind he was thinking, "These people better not operate on the wrong leg!" I know that's what I'd be thinking. Soon David's surgeon and nurse joined us where someone said, "Back again?" David responded by saying, "Yes, I just come get these procedures done because the drugs are so good." And silence. Not one snicker, not one smile. Then the surgeon said something like, "You'd be surprised, people will do anything just for the prescription drugs." AWKWARD! Apparently, surgeons don't like to joke around about that kind of thing and they definitely don't get David's sense of humor. After that they whisked David away and I went to sit in the waiting room. The procedure only took about an hour and then the surgeon came out to talk to me. Basically, David had a large amount of scar tissue in his knee and his knee cap was pretty rough. So they smoothed that out and checked out the implant that he had gotten about this time last year. Thankfully, his implant is doing well and he should be well on his way to a full recovery. After the doctor shared the news with me I went back to the recovery room where I found David crackin' jokes with all the nurses. That's when I felt that everything would be ok. When I saw David after his 2nd surgery, I knew we were in for a battle. This time around, things were different. He was smiling, eating and talkin' up a storm. So, we left the surgery center after being there for only about 3 hours. Isn't that amazing? It's like a drive-through for surgery! I took him home where he took his place on the all-to- familiar couch, gave him his pills and let him be to rest. He's doing well now...hobbling around on his crutches and feeling pretty weird on his medication. He could still use some good prayers as he still has a long road to a full recovery. He's a trooper and I'm proud of him for sticking it out!
Dreading the surgery

Along with the "YES," the surgeon had to initial his knee before the he began the procedure. Notice David's nasty scar from the last surgery and his shaven leg.

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praying for david and the fam!