Saturday, July 9, 2011

Bad.... blogging! I really had higher expectations to keep this thing updated. But the last few times I've tried to post something, everything got messed up. So, I am trying to clean up/fix this here blog. I do have lots of stories and I just know that y'all want to see pictures of our newest chub, Grant. He is just so darn cute. Anyway, I'm still here, working on things, hoping to get it fixed soon.

Friday, March 4, 2011

32 Weeks

Just me and Baby Coleman



Wednesday, February 9, 2011


February has been a blur and pretty uneventful.  This baby is killing me these days, so I feel like I haven’t been very productive.  I do  have a few pictures from the month, but not much.  For the most part, we’ve laid low.

I’ve really been working with Noah on his letters and am so excited with how quickly he’s learned.  He’s a smart boy, but I’m probably a teensy bit biased!  Noah gets more and more funny each day.  The things that come out of his mouth are just so funny.  When we ask him about what the baby is, he usually says he wants a “giiiirrl “ or a “stister.”  He still loves music and will say no to each song he hears until I find a song that is good enough for him to listen to.  His current favorite songs are Notion by Kings of Leon, Itsy bitsy spider, ABC’s, How He Loves by David Crowder Band and anything with a good dance beat. Everything in Noah’s world is all about trains and dinosaurs.  His current favorite dinosaur is the stegosaurus, but he could tell you all about many others!  I try my hardest to get him to play with something else (mainly because I get tired of playing trains and dinosaurs), but he’s not having it.   He’s now standing at almost exactly 3 feet (already over half my size), wears a size 9 shoe and still has a giant head.  In fact, I went to the doc the other day and had to see a different doc than the one that I usually see.  I always bring Noah with me and when this doc walked in, she looked at Noah, looked at me and said, “No wonder you had a c-section!  He has a huge head!”  I thought, “Wow, nice to meet you too.  And yes, he has a big head.”  So, I guess that attribute is not going to change anytime soon.  Anyway, we are just enjoying him so much these days and love when he tells us that we’re his best friend.  I’m getting a little sentimental about only having a little bit of time left with my boy.  So for now, I’m just going to soak him up all I can. 

Checking out some bugs at the Butterfly Pavillion


“Dory” and “Nemo” made an appearance in the fish section of the Butterfly Pavillion.  This was his favorite part. 


Just hanging out with his friend Taylor.  He has no problem letting the lady drive!


"Taking a nap” in the laundry basket


Noah’s favorite place to hang out on the couch


Friday, January 21, 2011

It’s Rodeo Time, Denver

That doesn’t have quite the same ring as it does in S.A., but it’ll do.  Anyway, we took Noah to his first rodeo and I do think he was the most handsome cowboy in the entire place!  I loved decking him out in his boots, wranglers and pearl snap shirt!   Noah got to ride a horse perfectly named Dr. Pepper, pet some stinky goats, stare at some giant mules (one was named Shrek) and watch some great bull riding!  I think Noah enjoyed the cotton candy and a bag of skittles more than the actual rodeo, but it didn’t matter because I think everyone had a great time in their own little way.   I always loved going to the rodeo in Texas and I was thrilled to share my joy with David and Noah.  It was a great night and I hope we started a new tradition of going to the rodeo year after year.

Seriously, how cute is Noah on that horse?


He kept reaching reaching down to pet his horse, Dr. Pepper.  Such a sweet boy!


Daddy got to go in with Noah and the stinky goats!


Shrek, the mule


Sadly, I didn’t get any pictures of real rodeo action, but these old stagecoaches were really cool!


Sunday, January 2, 2011

Coming To A Fridge Near You

For Christmas, I gave David all the gear to start his own brewery.  It’s a brewery in our own little basement, I guess.  Anyway, David began his hobby/maybe future career as a brewer in January.  It was quite a process to make that first batch of beer and involves a lot of science.  It also makes your house smell like crazy.  Let me tell you, a pregnant lady that pukes at everything and the smell of hopps and barley is not a good combination. Other than that, it’s been fun for David to experiment and he’s made some quite tasty beers.  The picture below is of his first bottled beer and his first tasting.  Cheers!



Saturday, January 1, 2011


And we’re back! Since I have my very own computer now, I can officially begin to blog again. But, since I haven’t blogged since last summer, here is a quick review of how we finished 2010.

July 2010

July started off in Texas as we spent time in Houston with my family. We had such a great time! On July 9th, we moved into a new house that we LOVE and Noah moved into a big boy bed and drove us nuts for almost 2 months because he didn’t like to STAY in his bed. Towards the end of the month, David and I traveled to Chicago to attend the funeral of my Grandpa Drenth. It was a bittersweet trip. We missed my Grandpa but had SUCH a great time with my Grandma, aunts, uncles and cousins.






August 2010

The big news in August came when we found out that we were going to have another baby. Other than that, we spent time working on the house and going to a Rockies game.


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September 2010

David turned 34 in September and we celebrated the first of many birthdays in our new home with friends and family. Later in the month, I spent time with Noah, my Mom, Kerri and Hadley in Breckenridge. At the end of the month, Hadley turned 3 and had a Princesses and Superheroes birthday party. Hadley dressed as Ariel and Noah was Spiderman.






October 2010

Anna had her last cross country race. She finished strong and cut some time from her previous races. Next, David and I traveled to Waco for Baylor’s Homecoming with our friends Katie and Trey. It was David’s first time to visit Baylor. I got to see many old friends that I hadn’t seen in a long time and watched Baylor clench their first bowl game in over 7 years.The week after homecoming, the Bears came to Colorado and whipped up on CU. It was the last time Baylor would come to Boulder since CU will no longer be a part of the Big 12. Next, my friends Melissa and Desaree came for a visit. We spent time hanging out, shopping and hiking in Estes Park and taking fun pictures. Towards the end of the month, I went back down to Texas to support some friends that lost their twins. It was a really sad time, but that I also meant I got to spend some quality time with the Tharp family. While I was there, Noah and I went trick or treating, he rode a horse for the first time and chased some chickens. I, of course, got homesick for Texas once again!






DSC_0057 (2)


DSC_0013 (2)

November 2010

In November, we celebrated Noah’s 2nd birthday. Unfortunately, he was sick on the day of his party so we didn’t get to have the train party that we had originally planned. We did get to celebrate with a few friends and family a couple of days later though. Also in November, we went to the zoo and of course celebrated Thanksgiving. We spent Thanksgiving at David’s sister’s house. This year, we started a tradition of making funny hats. I look forward to doing this year after year.

DSC_0166 (2)


December 2010

December was mostly all about Christmas. We had a small family Christmas with just the team before we headed to Texas to spend a week with my family in Houston. Other than that, Noah got to experience the snow some more, David experimented with making his own beer and we celebrated New Year’s.


Phew!! And that is the warp speed version of 2010. Now, onto 2011……