Sunday, January 2, 2011

Coming To A Fridge Near You

For Christmas, I gave David all the gear to start his own brewery.  It’s a brewery in our own little basement, I guess.  Anyway, David began his hobby/maybe future career as a brewer in January.  It was quite a process to make that first batch of beer and involves a lot of science.  It also makes your house smell like crazy.  Let me tell you, a pregnant lady that pukes at everything and the smell of hopps and barley is not a good combination. Other than that, it’s been fun for David to experiment and he’s made some quite tasty beers.  The picture below is of his first bottled beer and his first tasting.  Cheers!



1 comment:

David said...

Sweet! Thanks for posting babe. So far the chili beer has been the best one. The last entry a wheat beer was a FAIL