Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Top O' The Mornin'

Throughout my life, I spent St. Patrick's Day hiding the green that I was wearing from my Mom. She thought it was a silly tradition and always said something like, "You're not Irish, so what's the big deal?" But Kerri, Dana and I knew that if we didn't wear green that we'd get pinched to death. So, no matter what, we always wore green even if it was on our underwear. It didn't matter if no one else could see it, WE KNEW we were wearing green. So Mom, I hate to say it, but Noah and I are wearing green today. He may be mostly Dutch (wink, wink), but he does have some Irish in him too. And I wouldn't want the poor guy to get pinched! On another note, St. Patrick was actually a really cool guy and a missionary. He was responsible for spreading Chrisitanity throughout Ireland. So while this day has turned into all things Irish, take some time to read about St. Patrick and learn what this day started out as.

And one more thing....What is funny about my Mom not letting us wear green is that she and my Dad decided to get married on this silly little holiday. So, happy anniversary Mom and Dad! You've made 36 years together look easy. Thanks for being a great example!

The littlest "Leprechaun"


The Johnstons said...

Look at you, knowing the history of St. Patrick and the special day! For old times sake, maybe you can enjoy a green beer tonight! ;)

Anna-Michelle said...

i love the little leprichan