Thursday, March 12, 2009

4 Months

Noah is 4 months today. He's gotten to be such a big boy! He no longer looks like a newborn to me. He's spent the majority of this past month with a nasty cold, but you'd never know it. He still smiles from ear to ear whenever we talk to him. His hair is growing more and more sparse. I really would love to shave it off, but David won't let me. I hope his hair starts to grow in really soon because his current hairstyle is pretty awful! My favorite thing that Noah has been doing this past month is when he blows raspberries. It's his own form of communication and the louder the noise, the more the spit. He doesn't care....he just drools and spits on everyone and everything. It's really funny to see in person. He's continued to be a great sleeper which allowed David and I to catch up on some much needed rest. This past month, Noah has also discovered that his sisters are really silly. He loves when they sing to him! Reading to Noah has been a lot of fun this past month. I'm very proud of how he sits so quietly when I read to him. He's started to grab at the book and ooh and ahhh at the pictures. Here's hopin' that he'll love reading for the rest of his life! And in this past month, Noah began to roll over again and has learned how to sit in his little chair (as I mentioned in previous posts). I have a feeling that our days of stillness and quiet are long gone as Noah learns to move and make noise. Each day has become more and more fun as Noah discovers more. I love being able to stay at home with him and watch his little personality develop. I feel very blessed to have this opportunity and dread when I have to go back to work eventually. For now though, here's to many, many more months and years of our fun little boy!

In honor of his 4 months on this earth, I bought him a new toy. However, he's not quite ready for it yet. His toes barely touch the ground and it's a little difficult for him to sit and move around in it right now. But, he thought the colors and sounds were really cool. In the next month, we're gonna work on becoming a pro at playing with this toy. Stay tuned for all the new tricks Noah will learn in the next month!

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The Johnstons said...

What a fun new toy...he'll use it so, so much in the coming months. Happy 4 Months, Noah!!