Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Firsts

Well, Christmas came and went with much anticipation and excitement. Christmas Eve and the next day were filled with lots of laughs. My parents came in town and spent Christmas with Kerri and I. On Christmas Eve, we went to church and then had dinner at Ted's Montana Grill. Yum! Afterwards, we went back to our house where Sara and Anna got to open presents from the Grandparents and Aunts (Kerri and Dana). While they were opening presents, my lovely niece Hadley decides to have the stinkiest diaper of all time! I am not kidding when I say that the smell took up the entire house and lingered for about an hour. I thought my Dad was going to have a heart attack from laughing so hard about it. Who would think that something so dreadful could come out of someone so cute?! It reminded me that one day, I too, will have to deal with those nasty diapers. Anyway, we continued our Christmas Eve celebration and then the Peech family and my parents went back to Kerri's house. David and I tucked the girls and Noah in and then we got to play Santa. I had so much fun putting their presents under the tree! It really is more enjoyable to give gifts to others....especially to kids. The next morning, we all woke up and tore through our presents. Noah slept through most of it. I think he enjoyed getting his crib mobile because he loves to stare at it right before he goes to sleep. Sara and Anna raked in the goods and David and I enjoyed watching their excitiement. David got some good stuff and the kids got me GUITAR HERO! I've been wanting this game for a long time so I was super pumped to open up this present! After we tore through the presents, we took Sara and Anna to their Mom's. David, Noah and I headed to Kerri's house for a nice Christmas brunch and more presents. I brought Guitar Hero over and we pretty much rocked out for the rest of the day! Even my Mom played it. I think she wants it now, too!

It was such a nice Christmas season filled with many first with our new boy! I look forward to making more and more memories over the years! I hope you all had a great Christmas and will have a Happy New Year!

Our tree with all the presents. I think it looks so pretty!

The Peech Family on Chirstmas Eve . Adrian, stinky Hadley and Kerri! :)

Noah with his future wife, Brie, on Christmas Eve. They're even matching!! (I swear Tami and I had no idea that they had similar pants! It just proves that they're meant to be!)

The Littlest Santa with Daddy

The Littlest Santa with Momma

All the kids watiting to open presents

Sara opening her snappy new boots

Anna opening her new video camera

Noah and his new crib mobile

Noah hanging out with Gramps

David, Adrian, Kerri and Dad "Cheers" to Christmas

Kerri and I rockin' out to Guitar Hero. Notice our "groupie" in the background snoring away!

Jude is playing some serious metal!

Even Gus got in on the action of opening presents

I just wanted to post this pic just for grins. The hat alone is hilarious enough, but the mad/angry face makes it priceless!

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