Friday, February 27, 2009

Rhinestone Cowboys??

Not so much!
My husband trying his best impression of a Cowboy. He even wore a pearl snap shirt!

David and I, his brother Jon, cousin Luke and our friends Katie and Trey all headed up to the Grizzly Rose to see Pat Green (my favorite Texas singer/songwriter). This was a momentous occasion for us because we actually paid Julia and Kimmy (David's sisters) to watch Noah. Thanks guys!

David and I enjoying a night out

Anyway, the evening started out at Benny's....a Mexican Restaurant where David and I proceeded to gorge ourselves. We finished the fat flush this day so we were pumped to have some food with flavor. After that we went to the Rose. I practically had to break David's arm to go with me to this concert so I was a little nervous about him having a good time. Pat was great and it made me miss Texas so much. I love me some good Texas music. David wouldn't dance with me though....he put his foot down on that one!

Listening to Pat

Somewhere in the middle of the concert, the boys thought it would be a great idea to try their hand at the mechanical bull. Sadly, I don't think any of them have a future in Bullriding. But, it gave Katie and I some good laughs. They had fun though and even had some battle wounds to show for it. They all had bloody fingers from holding onto the rope...hilarious!

The boys before the bull...David, Luke, Jonathan & Trey

Katie and I

Jonathan vs. The Bull

Luke vs. The Bull

David vs. The Bull

Trey vs. The Bull

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The Johnstons said...

Oh, so glad y'all got to enjoy a night out! I'm sure you had a Big O for me while watching Pat, right?!? You look great Jenny, already look like you've lost quite a bit of weight! David looks miserably hilarious in that first picture in the cowboy hat...and his bull ride was so funny! ;)