Friday, February 8, 2008

The Windy City

Two weeks ago, our family reunited in Chicago for the wedding of my cousin Julie. It was great to see family from both sides and spend time with them even though it was short. As always, there were many laughs and a lot of reminiscing. Some highlights of the weekend included introducing Hadley to all the aunts, uncles and cousins, learning how to do the Soulja Boy and then performing it at the wedding, and Cole got to go snow sliding for the first time. Yes, I said snow sliding because that's what he called it. We can't wait for the next trip.

This is how you pack for a family of 4 with 2 little kids. Yikes!!!

Uncle Woody with Cousin Ethan and HadleyCole's 1st "snow sliding"experience

Cole learns how to throw and smash snow at cousin Kevin

Kerri and Adrian got a moment to enjoy the wedding while everyone else played with HadleyVicki A.K.A. "The Choregrapher" Everyone says that we are exactly alike. However, I didn't get the dancin' gene that she did. I would love to be able to dance like she her!

The Happy Couple. Mr. and Mrs. Jason SluissBrothers don't shake hands, brothers gotta hug. Uncle Dave, Dad and Uncle JimGrammy and Great Aunt Jeanie dance with their favorite partner, Cole. He is a dancin' fool!Katelyn and Great Grandma Drenth

The whole gang together one last moment before we all board our planes and head in opposite directions. Oh how I miss them!


The Johnstons said...

Love it...I've been waiting a week for these pictures now. Glad y'all had a great time and were able to see everyone. I enjoyed getting to see the pictures of all of your's been way too long! Love you!

Melissa said...

I can't believe the amount of luggage the tharps have! CRAZY!