Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Happy Birthday Cole!

Cole Owen Tharp turned 3 today! Sadly, I am missing this happy day. It's hard for me to think about Cole without tears in my eyes. From day 1, I was hooked. Sometimes I think wonder how I will ever love my own kids as much as I love him. I was there the day he was born way too soon. He had a rough start to life and was in the NICU for some time. He was so tiny and we could only touch him through his incubator. He's since made up for his small beginnings and is definitely all boy. I love when her roooaaarrr's like a lion. Or he says, "You be the tiger, I'll be the monster." I love when he calls me Aunt Midge because it's something that only my niece and nephews know me as. And, my heart breaks when he says, "You're far away." But even though I am far away, I know that we will always be close.

This past weekend, he had a birthday party with friends and relatives all there to watch him blow out his candles. I, however, was in Colorado trying not to think about what I was missing. From what I hear, it was a great party. His Jamma (Cody's mom) made him a blue Thomas the Train cake. Most of the icing ended up on the kids and from the pictures they look like the Scots who fought in Braveheart. He got many presents including brand new boots and a shiny new belt buckle and a big wheel (with Thomas the Train Helmet included ). I can't wait to see him running around in his cowboy gear.

Happy Birthday Cole! I wish you many years of health and happiness. I can't wait to play with you soon!

Love always,
Aunt Midge

Look-it...my new belt buckle!

Warrior Cole

Belly full!

Warrior Parker. Cole's partner in crime!

Katelyn's got herself some new wheels while Cole is distracted by the blue icing.


The Johnstons said...

Your words about Cole were so sweet...he's very blessed to have you as his aunt! I can't believe he's already 3...doesn't seem possible! We all miss you and wish you weren't so far away, but we're still close! :)

Melissa said...

Oh this post makes me want to cry! So sweet. I know he missed you and no one will ever replace you in his heart.