Monday, April 5, 2010


Hey all,

Just thought I'd pop in and give a quick update on what's been going on with team-Coleman.

Noah has been into everything. After taking a couple of falls he finally mastered going up and down stairs and if you don't keep a constant eye on him he's on the other floor of the house. He's saying a lot of words now and he still loves music and loves to dance. His favorite toy is still "ball" and he loves making baskets in the living room on his little hoop. He is a joy to our whole family.

Anna has been keeping very busy with school. We recently found out she had a condition called Candidiasis this is hopefully a temporary thing but for right now she's on a very strict diet and can't have any sugar along with lots of other good food. We are hoping that this goes away, it does explain why she is so small potentially. 14 percentile for her age. Otherwise though she's happy and healthy and doing great, she still loves to sing and dance and to create things. Reading and writing are things she does extremely well.

Sara has been doing well and finishing out middle school strong. She ended up not going on her schools DC, NYC trip which was a bummer but she took that very well. She's been doing a LOT of babysitting lately which is good for raising money. She turned 13 this March 13th.
She has been a joy to be around and I'm very proud of my young lady.

Jenny has been keeping very busy with Noah, the house and her new job. I credit Noah being so smart to having spent so much time with moma. She's the center of our family and she always keeps us running smoothly. She's got a big birthday coming up at the end of this week and we are excited to send her 20 something years out in style.

I've been enjoying my new job quite a lot and working on our house. We all have actually except for Noah who destroys it. We are hoping to list it to sell any day now and have been doing a "fix and flip" on our own home. Life is good and God has been great to us. Hope this finds you and yours living well and trusting in Him.

-Team Coleman co captain.

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Marissa said...

Glad all is well with you and your family. Found your blog a while back and like to check to see how things are going in your world. This is Marissa from high school...found your blog through Hayley. You have a precious family!

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